Browse Our Collection of Unpainted Plaster Figures

Enjoy a fun-filled day of arts and crafts with quality materials provided by Master Plaster Crafts Inc. We have a collection of unpainted plaster figures ready to ship so you can enjoy starting your next art project. Whether you are looking for exciting fundraiser ideas or birthday party activities, you’ll find everything you need to express your creative side when you shop with us. The options our crafts and plaster figures provide are endless, so just give us a call to get an idea of what kinds of art you’re interested in!

Since 1996, we have been manufacturing and distributing plaster statuary and ornamental wall plaques throughout the United States. You’ll find that plaster is a wonderful, easy material to work with, which makes our collection perfect for both the novice and the celebrated artist. We offer a large variety of unpainted plaster craft items that are fun for all ages! They can be purchased individually or as a kit with a paint pot strip and brush.

Painting Products

Add your personal touch to each of your pieces. Plaster craft is inexpensive and comes ready to paint in white art plaster. No Firing Necessary! In addition to our plaster pieces, we also carry acrylic paints, glazes, brushes, and canvas to let you express your creative side.

The Perfect Party Activity

Throwing a birthday party, children’s play date, or another event? Or maybe just enjoying a night at home learning something new? We have you covered. Whether you are planning something special, or you just want to enjoy some painting, you’re sure to enjoy our plaster crafts.

Wholesale Craft Options

We supply many retail plaster craft stores as well as camps, schools, after-school programs, girl/boy scout groups, recreational centers, and hospitals throughout the United States. It’s our pleasure to get you started on your way to a fun and inexpensive craft.