About Us:

Plastercraft is one of the most inexpensive and fun crafts for adults and children of all ages. Those who have already experienced painting will tell you how much they enjoy the craft.

Plastercraft Products is one of the largest manufacturers of plaster pieces in the United States. We supply many retail plaster stores, birthday party shops, camps and schools throughout the United States. Our factory is equipped to handle orders of any size. We supply retail and wholesale customers with plaster pieces, paints, brushes, sprays and other supplies. If you are unfamiliar with plastercraft, it is similar to ceramics. However, plaster does not require firing and is significantly less expensive than ceramics.

Our popular line of gloss finish paints do not require a spray finish. The paint already includes a finish. This will save time when painting at home, as well as allow party hosts and instructors to spend more time with the children.

Please contact our factory directly at (917) 941-7100 if you are interested in this craft or any of our products. It will be our pleasure to give you any further information that you might need in order to get started on your way to a fun and inexpensive craft.